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Monday, February 25, 2019

Vyaniti Yoga enters Limca Book Of Records

Vyaniti Yoga enters Limca Book Of Records

It was dream come true when more than 500 came together to celebrate health and performed 108 Suryanamaskar on Fri ,March 30th 2018 specially outside India,in Oman Muscat.
First time in history in a Gulf country such a huge crowd gathered for 108 Suryanamaskar and successfully completed.

We are truly grateful to His highness Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said for the constant support.

Our Vyaniti yoga studio in association with the Oman Cancer Association held a yoga event in Shangri-La Resort to promote cancer awareness, collect donations to help those affected  and spread knowledge on the role yoga plays in both curing and keeping all forms of cancer at bay

Once chief guest  HH Sayyid Marwan bin Turki bin Mahmoud al Said arrived and there was introduction speech by Mrs Prema Nagesh and Dr Wahid al Kharusi the Oman Cancer Association chairperson.He explained scientifically the benefits of right breathing in yoga which helps keep cancer at bay.

After that there was a demonstration by Padma Shri Nanammal One of India’s oldest and most respected yoga gurus  from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India,who even at the advanced age of 99 performed asanas which made even the 20 year olds members in the audience groan and ache , Guru Padma Shri Nanammal credits yoga in keeping her mind and body as quick as wip and has earned both the India's National Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2016 and the Padma Shri award in 2018 for her efforts in promoting this sacred art

After a brief set of warm up exercises to limber up the muscles and a small demonstration to ensure everyone followed the asanas perfectly and safely the count was started ,On the stage 12 participants were selected to lead the crowd from different countries and culture and age groups inspiring others to perform the 108 and among them was a senior citizens couple Mr V jayaraman and his wife Saraswati jayaraman who lead the charge despite being at the grand old age of 86 and 76 years.

it was a marvelous site to see both the young and old together performing this
ancient art of self improvement, some were there to support their loved ones and try to do as many as they could while others were there dead set to complete the record, many practicing for months in advance to ensure that they achieve perfect control over the breath in accordance with their movements , after all even one stance done out of sync with breathing can make one tired and thus ruin their chances of completing the 108 set with the rest, following the count set recorded by me as a teacher each stance had to be held for perfectly for 3 seconds and performed rhythmically with the previous and the next stance , bit by bit they pushed through the pain and the heat of the evening and keeping their minds focused on the recorded count.

Though the counting recordings that were used during the performance to keep track of the record worked perfectly,due to technical failure the audio track which was used to help people sync their movements stopped midway; and to our surprise everyone continued the counts together by chanting it on the top of their lungs each person syncing with the next through chant and thus their determination became the highlight of the day. As per the final count the group of 485 out of 530 completed their goal  and are now registered with the Limca book of records but each and every participant can now hold their head high and say to future generations that
they did their part in promoting good health and prosperity for all.

It is a proud moment indeed for all the participants on that day of performance and after receiving the news about the successfully entering the limca book of records.


Saturday, October 6, 2018


Yoga, an unsung warrior against cancer

With today's constant media scares, plot holes filled medical dramas and half-baked internet rumours about everything being filled with carcinogens the thought of cancer has spared no one and fills all with anxiety. Almost everyone knows someone or at least knows of someone with a story of cancer. What is more disturbing is the fact that while humans have made such incredible medical advancement, there is still no cure for cancer without what is essentially poisoning oneself with chemotherapy. How many times have we heard people say, “Only if there was a pill to prevent cancer, I would take it everyday.”

We often hear people going through a cancer scare as if the world has come to an end and there is absolutely no solution or at least preventive measure. Well, it is not as bad as we think. It’s just that our fast paced life has left us little time to get a healthy life.

Yoga as a preventive and therapeutic measure

Running, swimming, walking are definitely important and a great way to stay fit. But, think about it; you run for one hour and then get stressed out emotionally for the remaining 23 hours.

So, is there a way to help us lead a completely balanced and healthy lifestyle? Yes and that’s where yoga comes in.

Yoga helps us to insulate our body and mind from stressful situations and environments; and, the key to achieve that is through conscious breathing throughout the day. It is in our human nature to either temporarily stop breathing or breathe less during stressful situations and since we live in a world of stressful situations all around, most of the people have shallow breathing that negatively impacts our internal organs. This helps the cancerous cells in our body to overpower our immune system.

If Yoga is practiced as a lifestyle, there is no logical or scientific reason for anyone getting cancer. And, even then in the fight against cancer, Yoga is an tool. There are so many cases where people have beaten cancer with yoga.

Stories of two cancer survivors
I personally know two extraordinary women who I am proud to call my yoga students and they are living demonstrations, of the power of yoga against cancer.

Cancer Survivor: Ranjana Joshi

Ranjana Joshi , a young mother (living in Oman), was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 when she had discovered a lump and a scar during a routine check-up. On March 19th, 2008, Ranjana rushed to India and got operated on March 21st. After the surgery, she underwent six painful cycles of chemotherapy that had made her immune system so weak and made her depressed. And, then during one particular bad month of radiation therapy, the radiation had created so much of imbalance in her hormones that even with tablets and other medication her hormones could not be stabilized and she suffered side effects such as headache, giddiness and been told by the same doctors that she was now more vulnerable to cancer in her uterus due to these side effects.

Ranjana says ”In 2008 I started with hormone therapy, after completion of chemotherapy treatments. The hormone therapy affected my uterus. Early 2010 I started yoga as therapy with Prema Nagesh and then I started feeling much better physically and emotionally.

by 2011, the doctors said I could stop taking Tamoxifin tablets for hormone therapy as my hormones were becoming balanced and after that within 2 months of regular practice of yoga my uterus size reduced from 11 cm to 8 cms and my hormones had completely stabilized and I started getting sensation back in my left armpit and also developed strength in my hand which had become weak during chemotherapy.
I had then began practicing tougher asanas like Chakrasana and Shirshasana and also increased the numbers of Suryanamaskar I did daily and then one day I finished 216 Surya namaskars without a break.”

“I was so thrilled with myself that I started to share my experience with all, especially about how my experience of doing 108 or more Suryanamskar felt like undergoing chemotherapy treatment without any side effects because so much prana (energy) was being generated in me and these cancer cells won’t survive in a body with high Prana. I was practicing pranayama (yogic breathing exercise) very regularly and never missed even a single day which boosted my emotional strength as well. I further went ahead with a teacher training course with My Teacher Prema Nagesh and I now I teach yoga and share my first hand experiences with all especially women. My teacher is very proud of me that yoga has made me evolve in to new human being with a positive attitude.”

Yoga Practice by Ranjana Joshi - Timelines

       First month
o   Standing postures
         Greeva sanchalan
         Skanda uttanasana

o   Sitting postures :
         Marjari asana

o   Supine postures:
         Hasta Sanchalan
         Janu Sanchalan

o    Prone postures
         Niralamba  Bhujangasana

       Second month onwards

o   Standing postures
         Chakrasana with chair
         Benefits:it stretches the arms and armpits chest ,lower abdomen muscles and strengthens the back

o   Sitting
         Benefits:it stretches the low back and leads to Moola Bandha which is beneficial for uterus and lower organs

o   Supine postures

Benefits: Strengthens the back and core muscles and also inversion helps to increase circulation towards the core and other glands.

o   Prone postures:
         Bhujangasana series
         Benefits: massages the lower organs and increases circulation towards chest and uterus.

o   Meditation
Meditation for self-healing ,increases the power to heal and develops optimism (placebo effect)

o   Fasting once week gives rest to the whole body for repair  process to happen and one of the best way as therapy.

Consult a dietician before you start any specific diet and  Ranjana has very bland Saatvic (vegetarian) diet always.

Remember that most of all it was her dedication, hard work and faith in Yoga which helped her fight against cancer and to maintain her health. She has followed all the asanas in sequence as instructed.

visit our youtube link on Ranjana Joshi.
(Details of all the above postures are in the

Cancer Survivor: Sandhya

Sandhya, a middle aged mother who lives in United States. Sandhya  was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2013.

She says
“While living in Memphis, Tennessee, I was an active person participating in all activities at Temple and in the community. Being a teetotaller, non smoker, with no history of cancer in my family, I never thought I would face this day. I was at the local grocery store when my doctor called with his findings. I was immediately admitted to the hospital and underwent 8 cycles of intense chemotherapy. I was left fatigued with no strength and would fall often fall sick with an infection. After 8 months of treatment, I was in remission and was sent home. then after a year, my cancer had relapsed and I underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant. Before the transplant, I had underwent 11 cycles of radiation and 4 cycles of chemotherapy. 
All this treatment took a heavy toll on my body. I was weak; resigned to a wheelchair, unable to do anything on my own.

And when I thought I was recovering, I started having difficulty in breathing and had to be admitted in the ICU on a ventilator where i underwent treatment for lung infection for about a month after I went through physiotherapy and also required speech therapy and needed special services to relearn to eat and drink on my own.
This is when I was introduced to Prema Ji's Trained teacher Praveen Rodrigo (who has opened vyaniti yoga in canada) through my friend. Praveen consulted Premaji and she guided me to start simple, different breathing techniques like

       Abdominal breathing
       Chest breathing
       Anulom-Vilom / Pranayama

Initially, I could hardly do these seemingly simple for two minutes a day. My lung capacity was only 25% and was constantly under a doctor’s care. I made slow progress and increased Anuloma Viloma exercise to 15 minutes every hour. This helped me get back my lost energy.

The best feeling I ever got was during this time was when I went for a follow up and  had shocked my doctor with my improvement.  I was overjoyed to see the shock on the doctor’s face when the doctor placed the stethoscope on my chest to check my lungs. Usually, he would ask me to take a deep breath to check my lungs and the doctor knew that it hurts me to just take one long breath. But, instead I was breathing freely without pain!! The doctor was pleasantly surprised and said “I don’t care what you did. Just keep doing it.” And, that was the day when I began to truly believed in Yoga. Since then, I have increased the duration for pranayama. A great news came to me two months later when the doctor said that there is no sign of cancer in my scan after which I asked him to reduce the medication, for which the doctor reluctantly agreed. Then again, a month later, when I went for a check up I was told there was no sign of cancer.

By God's grace and Premaji’s continued support and encouragement, I now don’t have any lung issues or breathing problems anymore. After eight months of doing Anulom Viloma, Premaji guided me into doing Kapalbhaati and I will recommend Pranayama to one and all. I not only feel energetic but also feel alert and also have improved memory power. Please do yoga under a guru’s guidance and enjoy the positive changes.”

Now, Sandhya has gained the confidence that she can beat cancer. She is still under recovery and is still not completely healthy yet but with her commitment, I am sure she will return to her full strength and start applying for her old job in no time.

Pranayama is the simple exercise which makes a sick person stand up, an angry/short tempered person to melt down and a depressed person to develop an self-confidence by being positive and develop a “never give up” attitude.

Important - Pranayamas or breathing techniques which both Ranjana Joshi and Sandhya practiced are :

       Abdominal Breathing(massage the  abdominal organs and relaxes )
       Chest Breathing (improves lung capacity)
       Deep breathing (increases the oxygen absorption)
       Kapalbhatti (this Pranayama reduces the free radicals)
       Anuloma viloma(balances the both the energy level in body)
       Seetkari (reduces the heat of the body after chemo therapy)
       Bhramari (reduces the stress instantly)

I hope this message will inspire people to consider yoga as a means to fight cancer. Also, if you can lead a yogic life, you will get the opportunity to celebrate life and lead a happy, stress-free life. And, you can be confident that cancer will never knock at your door.

If you or anyone else needs guidance in yoga to fight cancer, please write to us at

Hari Om

Saturday, February 11, 2017

108 Sunsalutations - an experience by senior citizen

A Life Rejuvenated Through Yoga :

One always thinks that yoga can only be done young and flexible,so is it possible for yoga to give back the physical and emotional strength along with flexibility to one whose birth took place in 1932??

Mr Jayaraman Viswanathan retired in 1990 with honors at a flight lieutenant officer,and throughout his career he suffered from major health issues such as acidity and ulcers (for which he underwent a major surgery)

He was always a physically active individual who took long walks along with his wife beside him in the mornings and evenings as a means to take care of his health.

But the biggest blow to his health and confidence came in 2014 with he has to undergo an angioplasty ,which caused him fear and lack of physical and mental strength for a month.

After that he slowly sunk into slight depression with the walks with his wife, strides became smaller and slower and the statement that life is now being lived only in bonus time on his lips. 

Soon after he was pulled into yoga senior citizen batch by his daughter in law Mrs Prema Nagesh,initially he was a little reluctant at first saying that even his PT teacher hadn't troubled him so much when it came to exercise. 

After a week of practicing basic postures with people from his own age groups; such as pranayama,hip stretches and body balancing postures(Parvatasana, Santulasana and Vrikshasana),with the help of the wall and other props available he noticed dramatic changes,though may be small for us ,but for a senior citizen its great change and a positive one.
His walking speed had increased and the pain in his legs had reduced a bit.He was taking steps instead of lift(wow).How many youngsters prefer steps or staircase when lift is just near by?

This along with the support he got from the other senior citizens motivated him to continue with the practice and he began to wake up at four in the morning to practice in secret.

Three monthS later he learnt the proper way to do the Suryanamaskar with the right breathing.

 At first practicing Suryanamskaras will leave one breathless as it involved forward, backward bending with groin and quad stretches but he gradually found that with a dedicated bit of practice with focus was bringing him body balance and helped keep his physical stress at bay. 

He never gave up in spite that he found it very tough initially.He now started saying “Everything is possible in this world and at any age too; There may be few limitations according to the age but that shouldn’t stop one’s learning. What you need is the right attitude to take care of your health”.
Three months after his initial try he had gained the ability to do around 6 at a time and after a few months he was able to do 12. During this period his wife (74 years) was doing 60 rounds to completion and it became a matter of pride for him to reach, if not defeat her record .He was practicing with one goal that it is helping him to remain fit at that age and also he was setting an example to his age groups to keep themselves fit and start at any age and for Yoga no age bar.  I must say that fitness attitude and positive thoughts can come at any age and he is a great example.

He was practicing with great devotion Yoga and especially Pranayama and Suryanamaskars and posting his reach every day in what’s up groups to encourage younger members and his age groups. 

After two years of hard work and dedication he was able to reach the grand total of 108 and his wife(74 Years) practiced 108 in three consecutive days. Isn't it appreciable at that age?
All they practiced was under right guidance and care.
They also practiced right counters after suryanamaskaras,which is very important to not to hurt themselves in the long run.

The day he achieved 108 Suryanamaskars his happiness knew no bounds and he posted and spread his achievement through social media.

He received many appreciation and showed and proved to many of his age groups about Yoga and health.

He has promised to continue to preach and practice Yoga always which he started at the age of 83 years.There was some reason for him to learn, but he suggests others not to wait for a reason to learn but learn for the sake of learning and health.

He also proved in the end, age is just a number and now he has vowed to do 108 Suryanamaskars at least once a month, with his yoga partner his wife at his side and now blesses others to do the same as well.

Couple has been reaching these set target not to please anyone but been doing this very religiously as an gratitude towards SUN which is part of our culture to appreciate and be thankful to Sun who has been the driving force in all living being.

Hari Om tat Sat


Monday, December 5, 2016

 Yoga and Gyming :

Yoga and gyming, both seem like such polar opposites one developed by Asian mystics centuries ago and the other a new age science only recently discovered and growing daily , but the choice doesn't have to be one or the other and they can be complemented together to improve your overall health.

Here are some ways you can combine the two to your benefit:

Please visit our website YOGATHERAPY4ALL.COM  to know the details of the asanas images and how to perform each asana.

  • Reduce your risk of cramps before starting your weight training routine,

Stretch out your muscles with basic stretches like Veerabadraasana, Trikonasana and Hastapadasana
This would help loosen your shoulders, hips, hamstrings and back muscles respectively.

·         Warming up before your cardio routine:

 With a few Surya Namaskar (sun salutation positions) this would not only increase the heat in your body but also help prepare your muscles to endure the high paced work out ahead.

  • When focusing on your stomach muscles try combining your workout with a few marjariasana (cat stretches) before and after as this would both relax and unwind your abdomen and improve your overall blood circulation.

  • When using weights:
to increase your lower back and torso muscles warm up by using the Utkatasana (chair pose) to your advantage at this would help your body ease into your workout .

  • Muscle cramps and spasms during or due to the previous workouts: use the counter postures of yoga and shavasana (corpse pose) to facilitate blood flow and oxygen to the strained part of your body .

  • When developing your quadriceps muscles (with squats, intense jogging or isolation exercises) end or in cases of pre existing body pain begin your routine with asanas like

Supra vajrasana , Prasarita paduttanasana and lying on back Natraja (Supta hasta pada angustanasana)to help open up and loosen your hamstrings and any pain you may have in your calves and shins.

·         And finally when ending your workout

Pranayama and Meditation to release the accumulated stress in your mind and body and keep yourself fresh throughout the day!!

Please visit website YOGATHERAPY4ALL.COM  to know the details of the asanas images and how to perform each asana.