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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Therapeutic Mudras

Like Yoga, Mudras are boon to mankind. The ancient sciences of Mudras are greatest and finest gifts of India to the world.
The science of Mudras, a part of Yoga, is based on the fundamental principles of life....
Five Elements- Akash(space),Vayu(air),Agni(fire),Jal(water) and Prithvi(earth)
Five Pranas- Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana,Vyana and 
Three Doshas- Vata, Pitta, Kapha 

Mudras are mainly performed as gestures by fingers, hand positions and also in combination with Asana, Pranayama, Bandha and techniques involving eye movements.
The Kuarnava Tantra mentions about this Mudra--"Mud" meaning Joy and "Dravya" meaning to draw forth the "sat chit ananda" which is latent in all of us.

The finger tips contain large number of Meissners Corpuscles and contain large number of tactile receptors. Human thumb is connected with brain by Radial and Median sensory nerves, Index, middle and half of the ring fingers by Median nerve and half of the ring and small fingers by Ulner nerve.So when you combine different fingers in relation with thumb, for different purposes they relay signal of different amplitude and frequency by the concerned sensory nerves to specific sensory reception centers in Brain. Such signals produce different bio effects depending on the signal strength and frequencies.

When we perform Mudra the energy that is emitted out of our finger tips is arrested and redirected to certain parts of the Brain centers and from where the proper breathing directs it to parts of the body as per the Mudra. This is the scientific basis of the Mudra.
While performing the Mudra combining the fingertip with the Thumb tip subtle sensation of vibration is felt. This proves presence of electromagnetic power flowing in the body.
Finger           Element
Thumb             Fire
Index               Air
Middle            Space
Ring                Earth
Little               Water

·                     Touching the Tip of the finger to the Thumb balance the element represented by the finger.
·                     Touching the Tip of the finger to the base of the Thumb decreases the element represented by the finger.
·                     Touching the Tip of the Thumb to the base of the finger increases the element represented by the finger.
Suitable Dietary changes will also reinforce the benefits of Mudras.
As Mudras are commonly known to all of you, I would briefly mention about certain Mudras which I felt have proved beneficial for my students and as mentioned in book "Mudras and Health Perspectives" authored by Suman.K.Chiplunkar. Author has mentioned in depth about the Mudras which common persons can practice and greatly benefit out of it.


Six Mudras are to be practiced everyday 10 mins each Apan, Pran, Vayu, Dhyan.
·                     If used as Therapy then specific Mudras for 50 mins followed by Pran Mudra 10 minutes. If time constraint is there then practice 3 times a day for 15 minutes each followed by 5 minutes Pran Mudra.  Therapeutic Mudras like Surya Mudra Mudra should not be performed for more than 15 minutes at a time.

·                     Unlimited Time Practice-Pran, Apaan, Prithvi, and jnana Mudras.

·                      Shankha Mudra

  •      Linga Mudra 


                                                           Problems                                                              Mudras
v    Stress                                                                        
Jnana Mudra(tips of the index and thumb)
v   Anger, fear, sorrow                                                    
Akash Mudra(tips pf the middle and thumb)
v   Inflammation, fever, skin diseases, osteoporosis, stomach acidity, burning sensation in eyes
Prithvi Mudra(tips of the ring and thumb)
v   Dry cough,dry skin(psoriasis) ,osteoarthritis, cramps, dry eyes, pimples, sunstroke
 Varun Mudra(tip of the little and thumb)
v    Blood pressure high or low                                        
Vyan Mudra(tips of both index and middle with the tip of thumb)
v    Constipation, piles, flatulence, healthy teeth, diabetes    
Apaan Mudra(tips of middle and ring with the tip of thumb)
v   Increases will power and compliments    other mudras in healing                     
Pran Mudra    (tips of ring and little with the tip of thumb) 
v   Parkinsons, sciatica, cervical pain, knee pain            
Vayu Mudra(15 mins +varun mudra15 mins+ pran mudra 15 mins)(vayu –tip of the index at the base of thumb)
v   For palpitation, To prevent heart attack
Apaan Vayu Mudra(both apaan and vayu together)
Vayu mudra and pran mudra
v   Convulsion                                                                
Vayu mudra 15 mins daily
v   Earache while flight take off landing, travel sickness, vertigo
 Shoonya Mudra(tip of the middle at the base of thumb)
v   General illness
 Shoonya Vayu Mudra
v   Cholesterol, low body temperature, absence of sweat ,increases metabolism
Surya Mudra(tip of the ring at the base of thumb)
v    Swelling in any part of body, watery eyes, hyper acidity  
Jalodhar nashak Mudra(tip of the little at the base of thumb)
v   Kidney problems                                                      
Kidney Mudra(tips of ring and little fingers at the base of thumb)
v   Sinusitis, cold, asthma, bronchitis, obesity  
 Linga Mudra(15mins + surya Mudra 15mins) see pic                  
v   For thyroid gland and for children height to be increased , for allergies caused by dust and smoke, after paralytic attack 
 Shankha Mudra(15 mins) see pic

In short the most astonishing and wish fulfilling part of us is, hand that represents five elements. The Yogis discovered that the whole creation is composed of five elements as mentioned above and Human structure is also miniature form of the Universe and is also composed of same five elements.

Therefore they concluded that the secret of good health depends on balance of elements within the body and any imbalance leads to diseases of body and mind.

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                                                     HARI OM TAT SAT


  1. Among these Mudras, readers must try shoonya mudra while travelling in flight esp take off and landing it really works and those who have the nauseatic feeling while travelling on winding roads....practice deep breathing also while holding on to this mudra...

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