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Saturday, February 11, 2017

108 Sunsalutations - an experience by senior citizen

A Life Rejuvenated Through Yoga :

One always thinks that yoga can only be done young and flexible,so is it possible for yoga to give back the physical and emotional strength along with flexibility to one whose birth took place in 1932??

Mr Jayaraman Viswanathan retired in 1990 with honors at a flight lieutenant officer,and throughout his career he suffered from major health issues such as acidity and ulcers (for which he underwent a major surgery)

He was always a physically active individual who took long walks along with his wife beside him in the mornings and evenings as a means to take care of his health.

But the biggest blow to his health and confidence came in 2014 with he has to undergo an angioplasty ,which caused him fear and lack of physical and mental strength for a month.

After that he slowly sunk into slight depression with the walks with his wife, strides became smaller and slower and the statement that life is now being lived only in bonus time on his lips. 

Soon after he was pulled into yoga senior citizen batch by his daughter in law Mrs Prema Nagesh,initially he was a little reluctant at first saying that even his PT teacher hadn't troubled him so much when it came to exercise. 

After a week of practicing basic postures with people from his own age groups; such as pranayama,hip stretches and body balancing postures(Parvatasana, Santulasana and Vrikshasana),with the help of the wall and other props available he noticed dramatic changes,though may be small for us ,but for a senior citizen its great change and a positive one.
His walking speed had increased and the pain in his legs had reduced a bit.He was taking steps instead of lift(wow).How many youngsters prefer steps or staircase when lift is just near by?

This along with the support he got from the other senior citizens motivated him to continue with the practice and he began to wake up at four in the morning to practice in secret.

Three monthS later he learnt the proper way to do the Suryanamaskar with the right breathing.

 At first practicing Suryanamskaras will leave one breathless as it involved forward, backward bending with groin and quad stretches but he gradually found that with a dedicated bit of practice with focus was bringing him body balance and helped keep his physical stress at bay. 

He never gave up in spite that he found it very tough initially.He now started saying “Everything is possible in this world and at any age too; There may be few limitations according to the age but that shouldn’t stop one’s learning. What you need is the right attitude to take care of your health”.
Three months after his initial try he had gained the ability to do around 6 at a time and after a few months he was able to do 12. During this period his wife (74 years) was doing 60 rounds to completion and it became a matter of pride for him to reach, if not defeat her record .He was practicing with one goal that it is helping him to remain fit at that age and also he was setting an example to his age groups to keep themselves fit and start at any age and for Yoga no age bar.  I must say that fitness attitude and positive thoughts can come at any age and he is a great example.

He was practicing with great devotion Yoga and especially Pranayama and Suryanamaskars and posting his reach every day in what’s up groups to encourage younger members and his age groups. 

After two years of hard work and dedication he was able to reach the grand total of 108 and his wife(74 Years) practiced 108 in three consecutive days. Isn't it appreciable at that age?
All they practiced was under right guidance and care.
They also practiced right counters after suryanamaskaras,which is very important to not to hurt themselves in the long run.

The day he achieved 108 Suryanamaskars his happiness knew no bounds and he posted and spread his achievement through social media.

He received many appreciation and showed and proved to many of his age groups about Yoga and health.

He has promised to continue to preach and practice Yoga always which he started at the age of 83 years.There was some reason for him to learn, but he suggests others not to wait for a reason to learn but learn for the sake of learning and health.

He also proved in the end, age is just a number and now he has vowed to do 108 Suryanamaskars at least once a month, with his yoga partner his wife at his side and now blesses others to do the same as well.

Couple has been reaching these set target not to please anyone but been doing this very religiously as an gratitude towards SUN which is part of our culture to appreciate and be thankful to Sun who has been the driving force in all living being.

Hari Om tat Sat



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