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Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Gunas

As I was going through an article yesterday about Gunas, I decided to share this with you all. This is so true that the kind of food we eat affects our nature to some extent.
Human beings nature or quality is made of three important Gunas called

These Gunas are contradictory but work in unison, and present in different proportions in all human being, depending on many reasons.

Sattva guna-
If present more in you then you will be blessed with zeal, enthusiasm, happiness and contentment. You will feel light refreshed physically and mentally at all times. One becomes more successful in his life due to this dominant quality. It is associated with white color and is dominant in nature during day break.
Food associated with this Sattva Gunas are rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits, milk, pulses, ghee, curd, whole grain, freshly cooked food.

Rajas Guna-
you will be more excited, hyper, fickle in mind, attracted to your senses so objects of desires attracts  more.
Mind wanders more and leads to suffering. It is also action oriented and keeps you engaged in work. It keeps you active during the day.
Foods associated with Rajas Guna are more spicy, oily and rich food.

Tama Guna-
It is weighty, brings difficulties in life. It is the opposite of Sattva Guna.
It symbolizes inactivity, reduces the brilliance of a person's mind, and spurs him in to careless acts. It also results in laziness, lack of passion in life.
Black is the color of Tama Guna and is more active during night.
Foods associated with it are old stale food, food items which creates intoxication where one loses control on themselves.

According to Sankhya Philosophy, an imbalance of these three elements is what brought the cosmos into being. These three elements have always been embedded in nature and all matter in this world had atleast one of these three Gunas. When Guna dominates others is subdued.

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