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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Which Yoga?

There are different styles of Yog you can hear esp. Power Yog, Laya Yog, Artistic Yog  etc; which has been developed according to people's demand.

Though these types follow the original yog like Ashtanga Yog, Hatha Yog, which originated many years ago.

Yog was practiced those days as a preventive measures but as times changed Yog has been introduced as therapeutic also.

Today's lifestyle is so that, very few people are totally fit physically and mentally.

There is more demand for Therapeutic Yog, which again is from traditional ones.

Since there are more types and styles of Yog, you have to understand what your problem is, in first position.
As there are many medicines available in the chemist shop but you take only the prescribed one.So do here too, for general well being.

If you are physically unwell you must take up Asana and Pranayama  of  Hatha Yog. It improves the quality of the body.

If you are suffering from depression, hypertension or insomnia you must practice more of meditation, Raj Yog. It teaches you how to control the mind, mental force and bring it to one central point.

If you are mentally exhausted then you must take up Pranayama. It leads to better absorption of oxygen by the body.

If you are suffering from doubt,suspicion or insecurity then  practice Mantra Yog. It  leads to Tattwa shuddhi.The powerful vibrations, which you get by chanting certain combination of letters have powerful impact in mind and emotions.

If you have no faith in anything,neither God or this law or any law and do not want to live  then take up ,Jnana Yog. It improves the quality of the intellect.You know what you are doing and the emotions and tensions born out of your karma or wrong thinking will be stopped.

If you have unchecked emotions like greed, anger then practice Bhakti Yog. 
It improves your relationship with your emotions.When you transfer you faith on some power or divine energy then you can start enjoying your life more.You start thinking more positive rather than being angry or greedy about others.

If you do not want to do any of the above and want to occupy your mind ,improve your personality and get rid of negative traits in your personality then practice, Karma YogIt improves your relationship with your own life and you are a better person and where ever you are placed as small troubles don't bother you much.You can face all situations in a better way, with a more steady mind.You become more compassionate and  forgiving than others.

To avoid lopsided development or imbalance in overall personality these paths can be practised together also.
The different branches of Yog should be integrated into your life, according to the predominant qualities of your's.
Hari om tat sat

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