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Monday, May 6, 2013


I started “YOGA As Therapy “to inspire people to practice yoga and to raise themselves out of their conditions which seems to surround them like an inescapable wall. It shows people that a way out exists.
It can be guide to Doctors and Therapists seeking new alternatives and allowing them to introduce with broad range of alternative in yoga practices dealing right from traditional ones to some form of changes according to the life lifestyle people face.

·         Yoga in modern sense is certain set of stretches and breathing patterns and as and when you hold the postures for longer and relax, helps you to overcome your physical and emotional problems hence helps you to deal with your stress.

·         All these stretches are done with complete awareness of your body and breath.
·         Traditionally speaking yoga must lead to spiritual growth by following certain discipline in individual and social practice, hence one reach closer to the GOD.

·         Spirituality arises as one does yoga with complete awareness not only the physical postures but in all walks of life leading to analyzing oneself  and hence leads to realization of oneself and can help others too.

·         Yoga guru Patanjali emphasized mainly on preventing a disease, but due to increasing physical and mental problems the therapeutic application started 80 yrs ago by Swami Kuvalayanandaji  of Kaivalyadham in Lonavala, Maharashtra. 
·         Established in 1924 it was the first Yoga Institute of its kind in India, and continues to be a premier center for the medical and scientific study of Hatha Yoga, as well as a resource of ancient texts, teachings, training and yoga therapy.

·         It was understood by these gurus as due to bad life style there going to arise lots of health issues in coming years.

·         The science of yoga begins to work on outermost aspect of the personality, physical body, as for most people it’s the familiar starting point i.e. For e.g. Asana & Pranayama.

Most of us are unable to concentrate and meditate because of the continual wandering and rational thinking of the mind.
Meditation, which work as inner practice becomes easier only when external practices have been developed to reasonable degree of perfection.

·         Yoga works as a therapy for many ailments
 Specific, research shows that yoga helps manage or control anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, headaches, heart disease, stress, migraine, insomnia and other conditions and diseases.
·         Since no therapy is a complete therapy, It goes well along with medical treatment. It does not replace the traditional therapy.

·         Yoga can work as an Alternative therapy
·         Creates sense of wellbeing and calm, balance is created in the Nervous and Endocrine systems above many is being proved in many research works.

·         It can work parallel and supportive to other therapies
 Yoga therapy can be used in cooperation with other therapies like for example, Hypertension, Asthma, and Diabetes patient can continue with the medicines in consultation with his physician and gradually taper the medicine according to the need, but can continue with the yoga therapy.

·         As a Supportive therapy:-
  For example a person who underwent surgery or bedridden patients definitely can't do any physical exercises but lying on his bed he can do certain meditation and deep breathing or just becoming aware of his breathing, will itself helps him to cope up with the pain and induces deep state of rest which encourages the repair and improved health of all cells and tissues of body.
·         Yoga aims to bring the different bodily functions in to perfect coordination:- Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina, boosts self-esteem, improves concentration and creativity, lowers fat, improves circulation, and stimulates the immune system.

·         It is necessary that before one resorts to yoga as therapy a full medical examination be performed. Much depends on the severity of diseases and its duration.

·         Yoga is much more effective when applied to newly occurring condition than as a last resort.

·         Since there are many health issues due to modern comforts and luxuries .Many now are suffering from combination of problems like one suffers from diabetes, high pressure, hypothyroidism as well acidity or having low back and neck problems as well diabetes, obesity .In these cases one needs to carefully eliminate the asanas and prioritize the problems one by one and not to hurry up.

Usually no one is born with problems; we invite it due to our ignorance and laziness. As a therapy one must understand that yoga helps one to overcome their health issues provided they practice according to the trainer or what yoga therapist has mentioned to practice in a day.

·         Yoga and medicine can go hand in hand to heal them faster and body responds well due to better absorption of oxygen by the body cells than consumption of oxygen,which leads to repair of cells faster.
·         Therapy which is undertaken half-heartedly with irregular practice and distracted mind is worse than useless as practitioner usually blames yoga for his or her own practice.

·         Yoga is the science of right living which one has to incorporate in one’s daily life.

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