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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

“My First International Day of yoga Conference “experiences Jun 21 st and June 22nd 2015

“My First International Day of yoga “experience Jun 21 st and June 22nd  2015

 DAY ONE ARRIVAL - THE HOTEL ASHOKA, Chanayakpuri, New Delhi
As an initiative by our Indian PM Modi Yoga day was formed and recognized by the U.N to promote the Physical mental and spiritual discipline that is yoga in a right manner as a science of India. Being a yoga practitioner and Guiding and helping people come out of their stress related disorders in the Wonderful city of Oman for over 20 years, I was delighted to be called upon as a representative from Oman along with another expert from Oman, for the world’s first ever international yoga day celebrations.
On the 20th of June 2015 I had reached our capital city, Delhi and along with yoga gurus from Sweden, America, Malaysia and rest of the world was welcome with great pomp and splendor , with an individual guide, translator (for those who needed it)and security . We were accommodated in Hotel Ashoka as guests and Delegates, arrangements was for young children from the local schools representing the next generation of Yogis.
Apart for the greeting being fantastical organized it was great to see how widespread yoga has become in the world and how many different forms it has taken on, some have been modified/innovated to help people with health issues.

Next day being declared as international day of yoga our pm Modi ji had conducted yoga session in Rajpath and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest yoga demonstration at a single venue with 35,985 people participating.

We set off for the conference, dressed in our finest traditional clothes, The hotel lobby soon became a colorful mélange of the diverse clothing traditions of India and the rest of the world, even the Yogis from the west were dressed in Punjab styled kurtas and payjamas. From there we went by bus with our security detail to the avenue at the Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

The guests were sent by a single bus, during the journey it was wonderful to learn from the other gurus about how yoga has evolved in their home countries. Along the way the Delhi monsoon decided to welcome us, being from an arid and dry country, we were delighted to experience this downpour, but for those from the cooler climates this proved to be an inconvenience. Once we reached the venue due to security reasons we have to walk from the gate to the main hall, as this was still raining we had to rush like little schoolchildren from the gate to the main hall; fortunately we didn't get too wet. Once we reached the main hall, we were greeted and seated in the hall which was stylized in the manner of the Indian parliament hall in the 6 th row with our country name mentioned on desk.

First there was a speech from the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, he beautifully explained how Yoga is a part of the Indian essence and traditions and with the modern times it’s being adopted by the west and being forgotten here at home and how now there is a need to unify the different branches that have come up and redefine it as a modern, verified and accredited science.
 For this purpose he has formed The Ministry of “AYUSH” Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.

After him there was a few keynote Speeches on their respective sciences and practices by Swami Ramdevji (founder of Patanjali Yog peeth, Haridwar), 

  Dr Veerendra  Heggaadeji (Dharmadhikari of Sri kshethra Dharamshthala)
  Proff H.R Nagendra ( chancellor of swami Vivekananda Yog Anusandhana Samsthana)and Naik (Minister of State for AYUSH).
After this and gifting of the commemorative coins and postage stamps by the honorable prime minister, the rest of the day was spent in discussion and debating among the participants and the committee chairs on the different branches of yoga what would constitutes as a new technique and what would not, what parameter should one fulfill to call him/herself a yoga teachers, how research and grants for research should be carried out and the creation of new schools to retrain and provide the next generation with trained and certified yoga teachers.
The objective session is to provide an insight in to the traditional basis of yoga and it relevance in the present day context.

Many other experts in technical sessions were Dr.David Frawley(Vedic origin of Yoga) founder and director of American institute of Vedic studies, Dr Parimal Devanath and  chairpersons were Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra (Director of YOGA Institute  Santacruz Mumbai) and  Meenakshi Devi BHAWANI..few others.

2nd day of conference in Vigyan Bhawan
As we came the second day to Vigyan Bhawan which was s much easier to enter as formalities were less and security was less.

“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”whole world is my family is the Indian philosophy.
Yoga is to play main role in peace harmony and spiritual elevation across the world.
To share this Rajyogini Asha Didi and Shri Satpal singh were Co-chairpersons followed by Aacharya Bal Krishna (companion of baba ramdev ji) and other technical sessions were shared by Yogini Shambhavi Devi (Yogini Shambhavi Devi is a spiritual guide and educator rooted in the ancient teachings and Vedic traditions of Tantra, Jyotisha, Ayurveda and Vedanta.)
Living traditions of Yoga have not only kept this ancient practice alive but also immensely contributed in customizations of Yogic practices to suit the day to day activities conducted by Swami Maheshwarananda (has his own ashram in Rajasthan )

Surprisingly after this at the end of the day we were asked to close the day with yoga delegates from different countries to share our teaching in their respective country. Given an opportunity and not to miss this spoke few words thanking Oman’s Ruler his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Syed for his support always for being so generous and freedom to think and follow our yoga practice, for the welfare of people in country. I am always grateful and my sincere gratitude towards him.

 I also shared the Hatha Yoga techniques which I follow and how much importance I give for correct breathing in day to day life for everyone to combat stress. I expressed my feelings towards this event, By sharing that how I felt honored to be part of this historical event due to our Prime Ministers Initiative and we are thankful that he gave us chance to share our knowledge and to get more knowledge with different experts in this field. I’m sure to contribute in this field till end and make sure our PM dream of better world with better peace and harmony come soon.

We as team will work towards his higher dreams as I always believe” DREAM WORKS ONLY WHEN TEAM WORKS”.

Before the final show of special guests I requested AYUSH to allow me to present the ministry with an album which contained all the activities which myself and my students got an opportunity to develop towards this country Oman  for 20 years .

There was in the end valedictory ceremony for those who completed the first yoga teacher training course under AYUSH.

There were experts like Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Brahmakumari Shivani ji and Home Minister Rajnath Singh who Honored this closing ceremony. It was feast to hear Sadguru and Shivaniji’s talk on life.

Rajnath singh shared an excellent speech as yoga not a religion as it is to unite and not to divide and every religion has Yoga in it and as it involves awareness, peace and harmony.
And we were in the end taking life time experience and returned back to hotel Ashoka. Next day we all departed to our own respective countries taking back many sweet memories and learning experience of life time. I consider myself very fortunate to get this opportunity.

Hari Om Tat Sat


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