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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Before I begin my Yoga class people chat on the way, as they remove shoes and place their mat, there’s talk of the weather, ailments, and stresses of work.  Sometimes the chattering continues until the teacher actually begins giving instructions. 

What happens when we stop talking and close our eyes?  The external dialogue is halted.  Next is the attempt to turn off the internal, continuous chatterbox of thoughts.  Centering is a great method of turning the awareness to the present moment and allowing those thoughts to dissipate.
when one practices yoga silently one is more aware
 of his stretches in the body and breath and allow other tensions to pass out like clouds, without holding on to them. The goal then, of centring, is to cut off both inner and outer chitchat. 
By focusing on the physical stresses, we relax further with each exhalation.  In order to reach that final result of relaxation, the element of silence in yoga practice is essential.

Now, think back to that yoga class.  On the way in, everyone was chatting.  How did the energy change by the end of the session after Yognidra?  Silence allowed everyone present to focus on the connection of mind and body.  Physically and mentally, we leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed, calm, and awake. 

How often one feels that one should be silent enough to take a proper decision or want to go just away from the normal tensed life for few days esp away from the city life for de stressing.

But we can't always escape from these very busy lives and reside somewhere where there is less of sound.
But we can actually learn to get away from it, at our will so that one can experience bliss at any stage and anywhere and any time.
We can find some difference in very early mornings esp Brahma muhurta time, when one can some way experience silence which is again an external one. When we talk about external silence here it gives one peace, as silence takes you in to your inner world and helps yourself to understand better.
We all feel good to sit with a comfortable friend over a cup of coffee and vent to get things out. Maybe it’s been an extremely stressful month;, conversation can be a great relief, when our hearts ache or our heads are in turmoil, it’s natural and therapeutic to seek the solace of friends and family. 

 However, there are moments when it all piles up.  We lose our minds, our smiles and there is nobody there to listen.  Emotions are banging at the door, needing to be let go.   This is when silence can be the most useful.The world inside your mind spins out of control, just close the eyes and be aware.  Take a deep breath; notice how you begin to relax.  With silent gratitude, remember all that you have been blessed with.

During my first visit to Ashram,silence was only required during meals and night time quiet hours.  Now, the month-long teacher training class includes three days of silence, while the advanced class includes six days of silence. 
This taught me how to control my thoughts and how to avoid talking even through gestures.
It's usually difficult the first two days of silence; where we remembered and felt like opening the mouth, which we had used since birth. Last sixth day of silence become so easier and started  liking it as we are drawn so much towards self understanding and harmony with self  and others. 

The self understanding  or realization of self is the highest goal which all sages and gurus of all religions have mentioned. Have you ever thought and how this is possible? This can happen only when you can remain silent external as well as internal silence for few mins or hrs,while practicing yog or any activity which takes you in one thought stage.

Lots of question crop up in your mind when you are in silent like why I reacted to that person in that way or why I am behaving in that manner or am I right? May be I am wrong or Next time I will improve and so on. Your relationship with others improve and others notice your improved behaviour,so one can live peacefully in harmony with the society.
When we’re not busy talking, we pay more attention to the non-verbal communication of body language, we are aware of our energy levels. We store lots of energy and so can be used constructively.

Even when you go for walking you can enter in to complete silent state by being aware of your breath and your steps. Try it really works, which means your other thoughts are cut off for that moment. Don't even take your mobile with you or put it in silent mode.

Apart from these, don’t spend on unnecessary talking and serve more others and be a selfless person and give unconditional love for others.



  1. if u conduct yoga classes pls let me know where. I hv been diagnosed with sciatica nd need help to prevent my condition progressing. \tks
    Mrs.Gracy Machado

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