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Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's very common to see people blaming each other, where one easily find fault in others in-spite of many positive quality in that person.
Children when being asked to say three positive  things about their friends, they are not able to say instantly, where as complaints about each other is in tip of their mouth.
They don't realise that what ever negative they say about others are affecting them first then the other person.

Sound expressed through words or the letters in your day to day communication can do wonders to you, to others around you, your emotions, thinking, your relationship with others.

Let me give an example by a story-
A teacher  was teaching his students some good things.To such a place came a visitor who had some position and power.The teacher didn't go and welcome him as he was engrossed in teaching.
The man who had some position and authority felt hurt and asked the teacher "Why you didn't care for me?".
You have not come and receive me and what are you doing? Teacher told as he was teaching some good things to children and didn't notice him.The person asked "Are the hearts of children going to change and become more sacred?".The teacher took some courage  and told "Yes there is possibility of their mind changing by my teaching."
The person was not ready to believe and argued.The teacher was clever and asked one of his student to get hold of the neck of this visitor and throw him out of the door.
On hearing this, the visitor became very angry and came to beat the teacher. Teacher told him "I just told him to throw you out and which was mere words and how it changed your mind?"So it is very wrong to say that with mere words you can't change the mind.
You can promote friendship, earn grace or with harsh words you can break friendship too or it can affect yourself too.

I strongly believe that whatever one communicate through words to others,have strong influence on not only others, but on them also.  Through sound, speech, chanting, singing—communication—we can directly and scientifically affect our own level of consciousness,as well as our physical health and well-being and that of others.
Each and every letter taken out have certain kind of vibrations which is felt when aware of it.

Every religion has certain way of chanting their own religious scriptures.
For eg-OM chanting when done repeatedly for many no of times leads to positive vibrations in body-mind complex and improves memory according to the research done.
Word Om is again have positive impact because of certain combination of alphabets and not just as is it is Om and it  belong to Hindu religion.It's a combination of three letters "A U M".

In yoga, when you chant mantras or Om, it has the certain combination of words and letter,which are so powerful that it has greater positive impact on you but not that it only belongs to Hindu religion. Certain mantras they say can be chanted during depression or when you are anxious and so on, it's the word or the letter which is making magic in you rather than particular deity or so.
The same way other religions  may also have their own specific words or combination of  letters which have positive impact in body-mind complex.

Imagine the human body as a musical instrument like sitar, which have playing strings that are struck or bowed, and also have 40-odd strings which are never played. When the playing strings are struck, they set up vibratory frequencies that begin to sound the finely tuned but un-struck strings. 
These strings pick up the frequency and vibratory rates of the struck notes and begin to sound ,without being physically touched.
In Yogic terms, we have the central pranic energy channel called Sushumna Nadi ,corresponds to the spinal column. To either side of it are the ida and Pingala Nadis.Think of these as the playing strings. These energy channels then connect with 72,000 nadis (energy channels) loosely corresponds to the nervous system, that extend throughout the body.  Whatever we vibrate in the shushmana begins to set up a  vibration in the ida and pingala and throughout the nadis that transfer that vibration to all the cells of the body. 

We can consciously choose mantra which means right combination of letters or words, scripture, proper and positive communication, and musical sounds that elevate, heal, and balance us by being aware of positive vibrations in our body-mind complex. 

If we are unconscious in our speech and what we are vibrating, we can set up waves of negativity, self-doubt, and disharmony. These things lead to a deteriorating state of health and wellbeing. 


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